What We Do

AT PAVEWEST we pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and customer service. We are a General Engineering Contractor specializing in all aspects of fine grading and asphalt paving. Our clients count on our expertise in value engineering, cutting-edge technology and creative recycling applications. We perform grading, concrete and paving at competitive rates. Will we be the lowest initial price? Often! Also and more importantly, our knowledge of specialty civil construction, grade and pave projects and routine maintenance deliver our clients the greatest long term value.

PAVEWEST has two divisions

About Us

Commitment to Service

Pave West prides itself on doing each job well. Our reputation is important to us and the quality of our work is the cornerstone of our reputation. On each project we work closely with you, our clients, to ensure that the materials used and the scope of work meet job specifications. It is our goal on every job to maintain the caliber of work that you have come to expect from us.


It is our goal to help make your projects successful.

Grade and Pave

Commercial Paving

Onsite and Offsite

Pave West is a full-service commercial paving company offering all forms of traditional paving, as well as new and innovative techniques. The types of projects we regularly pave include commercial, industrial, retail, military bases, airports, refineries, stadiums, arenas, schools and universities, HOAs, hospitals and public works (as a subcontractor).

We often provide budget numbers and consult with clients on value engineering options.

  • New Construction

  • Remove and Replace

  • Grind and Overlay

  • Petromat Overlay

  • Patch and Repair

  • Utility Trench Repair (familiar with city standards throughout Southern California

  • Rubberized Asphalt

  • Pervious Paving

  • Cement & Lime Treatment of the Base

For bid requests, please contact Estimating

Maintenance Paving, Seal Coating & Striping

Pave West offers services to meet all your maintenance needs. We have special expertise in minimally impacting your ongoing business while satisfying your maintenance requirements.


Seal Coating and Striping

  • Crackfill

  • Skin Patching

  • Petromat Overlays

  • Asphalt Ramps and Berms

  • Concrete Flowline

  • Curb Replacement

  • Grind and Overlay

  • Remove and Replace

  • New Layout

  • Restriping

  • Stencil

  • ADA Upgrades and Signage

  • Directional Signage (we own our own coring machines)

  • Concrete Wheel Stops

  • Curb Painting

Ask for our Maintenance Department to discuss your specific projects.
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